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I was born in St. Helens Oregon, and moved to Detroit Michigan at a very young age. When i was 11 my family moved again, but this time to rural South Carolina. I think it was this move that most influences my art. I grew up loving cities, the power lines and tall buildings everywhere, and as I was entering my teen years I experienced the beauty of open fields and empty forests. I attended Florida State University with an academic scholarship, and tried to learn as much as I could about our world, about beauty and culture and about life in general.

After a few years i was becoming restless and I felt I had learned all I could in a college setting, so I packed up and moved to New York City to learn about life the hard way. I wandered the streets of that great city looking for beauty and trying to learn more about life, eventually squatting in the lower east side and living in a self-made shack in Brooklyn. A couple years of this and i became restless again, and this time i figured i would try Japan. I lived in Hiroshima for a couple months, had an art show, and realized that I missed the states too much to stay there. I moved to Philadelphia and fell in love with the town, and I have lived here since.

I am always seeking to challenge myself and try out new ideas. Throughout my life I have always spent a lot of my time researching light and color and the idea of beauty. My greatest goal is to create a piece of art that is regarded as beautiful by people from all walks of life and all cultures. I'm not sure if it is possible, but it is my goal nonetheless.